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We are committed to helping you overhaul your health and fitness using a combination of tailored exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset systems that are sustainable and will empower you to:

Feel physically and mentally strong, capable of taking on any challenge.

Feel confident around your family and friends.

Achieve your goals, whether it be fitting into the clothes you want to wear, taking your athletic abilities to the next level or being able to keep up with the grandkids.

Cruise through menopause with confidence.

You can achieve all of this and more without….

Fad dieting

Feeling intimidated in a commercial gym environment

Feeling like you are alone on your health and fitness journey

Our programs


Embark on your transformative journey with us, regardless of your training experience. Whether you're a beginner, restarting your fitness program, seeking to elevate your current training, or in need of support during injury recovery, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive programs provide the support, guidance, and expertise you need to reach your goals and achieve lasting results. Get started and let us be your trusted partner on your fitness journey.

Semi-Private training


Group training


women's health workshops



Our semi-private sessions offer a unique blend of personalized attention and a supportive group environment. You’ll receive individualized guidance in exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset, tailored specifically to your needs. Join a small, motivated community of like-minded individuals who are all working towards their health and fitness goals. Train in our fully equipped studio we call our "safe space" where you can be you. Benefit from the camaraderie and accountability that comes with training together, while still enjoying the personalized focus you deserve. Elevate your fitness journey with our empowering semi-private sessions.


Welcome to Peak PT, I'm Sharon, owner and personal trainer of Peak Personalised Training. Health and Fitness has been my lifelong passion, and I've been a dedicated personal trainer for 12 years. I strongly believe in taking a holistic and balanced approach to physical and mental health and well-being.

Join me in our semi-private training sessions, where I'll be there to guide you every step of the way. With a maximum of 4 participants per session, you can expect personalized attention and a supportive group environment. Together, we'll work towards your goals and desired outcomes, as I create specifically designed programs tailored to your individual needs.

Throughout the sessions, I'll closely monitor your progress and provide technique corrections to ensure you're performing exercises safely and effectively. My focus is on prehab, helping you build strength, flexibility, and resilience to prevent injuries and enhance overall fitness.

But it's not just about the physical aspect. The semi-private sessions foster a sense of accountability and friendship among participants. You'll be part of a supportive community, where you can form connections and enjoy the journey together.

Get ready to embark on a transformative fitness journey with me, Sharon, at Peak PT. Let's work together towards achieving your goals and improving your overall well-being.

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Welcome to Peak PT, where I’m Sam, co-owner and personal trainer. With a strong background in sports at a high level during my school and university years, I bring extensive experience as an athlete, providing valuable insights into functioning within a sporting context.

Currently pursuing my studies in sport psychology at Bond University, I offer guidance on life balance and time management, particularly tailored for athletes. This additional expertise allows me to support you beyond your physical training.

In our semi-private training sessions, you’ll be part of a small group of up to 3 participants, ensuring personalized attention and a supportive environment. As a knowledgeable trainer specializing in men’s health and adolescent athletic development, I design programs that cater to your specific needs.

Whether you’re a young athlete seeking performance enhancement or someone realizing the impact of an unhealthy lifestyle and looking to regain fitness, I’m here to guide you. Together, we’ll create a safe and controlled environment, focusing on technique, injury prevention, and enhancing strength, fitness, and overall well-being.

Join me at Peak PT, where we prioritize your goals and provide a professional yet welcoming environment. Together, we’ll work towards your success in achieving optimal health, fitness, and athletic performance.

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We have a multitude of group training sessions, held at an outdoor facility with undercover (all weather)areas and toilet facilities, or at our studio. Our sessions are varied including: Boxing, HIIT, Strength and Cardio. Session times are also varied, early morning, post school drop off time and evening. Sessions to suit any shcedule.

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women's health workshops

Join our empowering women’s health workshop, “Springboard to a New You,” specifically designed for those in the transitional menopause stage. Gain valuable insights and learn essential strategies to prepare for and effectively manage peri-menopause and menopause. Discover practical techniques, expert guidance, and supportive resources to navigate this transformative journey with confidence and vitality. Take the leap towards embracing a new chapter of your life at our women’s health workshop.


NAVIGATING MENOPAUSE can be a daunting experience. We understand that recognizing the early symptoms of Peri Menopause can be tricky, that's why we believe that knowledge is a powerful tool that can significantly impact your journey. By equipping ourselves with information, we can proactively prepare for and manage Peri Menopause and Menopause even in the years leading up to it.

Taking a thoughtful approach to how we eat, exercise, and care for ourselves during this transitional phase is crucial for achieving a positive outcome during menopause itself. This stage of life presents a unique window of opportunity to make meaningful lifestyle changes that can positively impact your well-being and overall experience and future health.

Here at Peak PT we are here to support you through this transformative journey. we are dedicated to providing you with the resources, guidance, and care you need to navigate menopause with grace and confidence. We believe in fostering a warm and thoughtful environment where you can freely discuss your concerns and receive personalized advice tailored to your specific needs.

Remember, you're not alone in this. Together, we can empower ourselves and embrace the opportunities that menopause brings. Let us help you make this phase of your life a time of growth, empowerment, and renewed vitality...the Springboard to a New You!

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"Boost your product and service's credibility by adding testimonials from your clients. People love recommendations so feedback from others who've tried it is invaluable."

"Boost your product and service's credibility by adding testimonials from your clients. People love recommendations so feedback from others who've tried it is invaluable."

- Jonathan Lund

"Boost your product and service's credibility by adding testimonials from your clients. People love recommendations so feedback from others who've tried it is invaluable.

Add feedback more here!"

- Larissa Charter

"Boost your product and service's credibility by adding testimonials from your clients. People love recommendations so feedback from others who've tried it is invaluable.

Boost your product and service's credibility by adding testimonials from your clients. "

- Aaron Loeb

Comillas Negras